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ridiculously useful for vegans looking for beer and candy. or when youre stuck eating out with friends at decidedly non-vegan establishments.

Great app!

I LOVE this app! I have a feeling that I will never take this off of my phone! I dont need the beer lists, as I do not drink, but the restauraunt information is invaluble!


A very impressive app, especially with the next version said to include a more global food market. What would be nice is a tab where you can add your own foods. Just something simple. Also, the asterisks all over the place are kind of distracting, so it might be better if you could just select the food item for more details. Still, this app is great and a must-have for vegans!

Really comes in handy

I use this app almost daily, it really comes in handy. Truly great for road-trips, especially if youre driving through small towns without a lot of vegan options.

Great APP!

Just downloaded it. Its basically a list of a restaurants with a list of whats vegan. It doesnt have restaurants that are in your state only, but it has the popular food chains that are found in the US as well as alcohol lists by alphabetical order so say you wanna know if Jack Daniels is vegan youd go to the J section and once clicked itll say vegan or non vegan. It also includes a list of vegan snacks & candy & food in alphabetical order. For the price its not bad! 8/10.

A huge help

Mc Donalds puts beef fat in the fries so how do you know really what youre getting? Its been a huge headache for me but this app really makes things easier by letting you know whats vegan and whats not. Granted a lot of menu items are not listed but thats because we live in a world full of death but at least it tells you what is available so you can order a 7 layer from say Taco Bell and tell them no meat, cheese, or sour cream. Blame the companies for lack of vegan items not this app! Well worth the price to download now to find a makeup version.

Disappointed- app wont work - waiting on a refund

I downloaded this app because I was super excited about having a Vegan food guide & after agreeing to pay for it and downloading it I received an error upon opening it that wouldnt let me open the app. I contacted the creator of this app and he told me that he didnt have any other issues with other users & to try deleting, rebooting & downloading again. I had the same results, so he told me to request a refund from iTunes support. I dont think its my phone as Ive not had any other issues with other apps Ive downloaded. Im disappointed that I cant use this app, and the response from the creator has implied that its either my phone or user error thats causing this lack of functionality.

Love it!!!!

This app is SOOO helpful! I love the list of restaurants and what you can order from them. WORTH IT!!!!

Not that useful.

I agree, I do not believe all these things to be vegan. Some even had cheese in the title. It is stupid to list something with dairy as vegan, we can all figure out that omitting the cheese would make it vegan. This apps is suppose to be about what is vegan with having to change it or make omissions. Also, Not all panera bagels are vegan, they contain l-cystine which is usually an animal protein used as a dough conditioner. Do your research, save your money!


Normally I dont eat at these restaurants, for obvious reasons, but for those times when its about someone else (birthday or other special event dinner) or just stuck with no options, this is perfect. I think some of the people who gave this a low rating might be missing the point, its not about telling you where the best vegan food is, its helping you survive in very not-vegan environments.

Worth it.

In response to the comment about a cheese omission being obvious-while this is true, if the items were NOT listed this way, we might not order them correctly and then they would come with cheese when we took the item to be vegan. Yes, it is true that if you want to make sure you should ASK but this app gives us a place to start. Do I eat at these places regularly? Hell no! Not when I live in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, home to some of the most amazing vegan restaurants...but does it help me on the road, outside of an urban area, or out to dinner with family at a chain (olive garden) type place? ABSOLUTELY! I use it more than I thought. I usually dont eat at these places but it has helped when I have no choice.

Perfect tool for the traveling vegan

This is a very handy app to have on the go. Most vegans have their safe places to eat out, but when you travel or are in unfamiliar territory, it is nice to see if the places around have an option. While all of this information can be found from websites, this app puts it at your fingertips. While traveling the only option was a Cracker Barrel and we were able to look and see that we could eat something there and even know what foods to order special (without butter or sauce.) The addition of Barnivore data is awesome so when shopping for wine, I am able to make informed choices.

Was good but now useless

I liked this app before the latest update because I dont have a data plan, but now you need one. So its pretty useless. They should allow the user to download the dbase for offline use.

Was Great, Now Merely Decent

This app was incredibly useful for the occasional times I was stuck eating at a terrible chain or had to pick up fast food and needed to know what I could eat that was vegan. The latest update has reduced the functionality of this app dramatically. If you want to quickly scroll down to a specific restaurant that is further down in the alphabet youll have to flick your finger incessantly instead of merely clicking to the right side of the list onto a specific letter. Additionally, Ive had a couple of experiences trying to check whats available at a restaurant and no data will load. When in a pinch and needed to know what I can order, it can be quite frustrating to not be able to load the restaurant data. Otherwise this is a great and useful app for the people eating vegan out there in the world and the work done by its developer is greatly appreciated.

Useless unless online

I loved this app, until the update. After that, I had to be connected to a wifi signal in order to check restaurant menus. Before, all the information was stored on my device... I will give a better rating, if I do not have to connect to the Internet.

I loved it until the update

This app was amazing nd very helpful...UNTIL wifi was needed to use it. Sometimes wifi is just not available so please fix that

Really loved it in July, now not so much

Another user who really loved this app until the upgrade. It does not store menus you have clicked on for use if there is no wifi even though its supposed to. Would love to see this fixed.


Wahoo a update! keeping things real! way to go VeganXpress. As far as the nit picky reviews about complaints of bone char... GFY.

Best app ever!

This is my favorite app. So helpful, so much information, so easy to use! Love it love it.

Vegan essential!

Easy to use, and so helpful! I no longer fear going hungry when traveling, or getting stuck in the salad-and-potato rut. Covers all the major chains.

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